General Surgery

General Surgery is the method of treating the disease by resorting to surgery in diseases that cannot be treated with medical methods and drugs. General surgery cooperates with almost all other fields. It is known that with the advancement of technology, especially robotic technological systems are used intensively and the success rates have increased significantly compared to the past. General Surgery is a branch of science that is intertwined with technology and creates a solution environment for diseases by making the best use of the latest point of technology today.As Fibemed Healthcare, we forward the analyzes we request from you for the treatment you need in general surgery to our expert doctor staff. A preliminary diagnosis is created for you again in Turkey by our specialist doctors. You should not forget that, as Fibemed Healthcare, we identify the most experienced doctor and hospital for your treatment among dozens of hospitals and doctors. It is very difficult for a person to conduct such research and collect data alone. For this reason, the Fibemed Healthcare team offers doctor and hospital research and analysis for you.

  • Gastrointestinal-System-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Gastrointestinal System

  • Intra-Abdominal-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Intra-Abdominal Surgery

  • Digestive-System-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Digestive System Surgery

  • Skin-and-Soft-Tissue-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Breast-Diseases-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Breast Diseases Surgery

  • Endocrine-System-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Endocrine System Surgery

  • Oncological-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Oncological Surgery

  • Intensive-Care-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Intensive Care Surgery

  • Traumatology-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Traumatology Surgery

  • Vascular-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Vascular Surgery

  • Transplantation-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Transplantation Surgery

  • Cardiac-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Cardiac Surgery

  • Pediatric-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Pediatric Surgery

  • Pediatric-Cardiovascular-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Plastic-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Plastic Surgery

  • Obesity-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Obesity Surgery

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