Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a type of plastic surgery procedure used to alter the shape and/or size of the nose. It can be used to correct a variety of aesthetic and functional issues, including improving the appearance of the nose, correcting birth defects, or restoring the nose after an injury.
Benefits of Rhinoplasty
When we look at the benefits of rhinoloplasty surgery, we encounter the following situations.

“The irresistible relief of breathing comfortably: The most important gain of rhinoplasty surgery is that it enables natural breathing through the nose. Unsightly curvatures on the outside of the nose also block the airways inside. Correction of the air passage by surgery restores the nasal physiology to the person. Because the nose is the organ that not only transports air, but also warms and humidifies the inhaled air, making it ideal for the lungs.

A psychology that is more at peace with oneself: Who wouldn't want an image that will make a person more at peace and happy with themselves, and that will also contribute positively to their family life? This situation will have positive psychological contributions to the person both in business and private life, perhaps creating a kind of natural antidepressant effect.

To smell better: The nose is also the first starting organ of the olfactory pathways. Smell, the most complex of the five senses, is the sense that is encoded with the most genes, and we think that it plays a key role in many of our conscious and subconscious behaviors that are still not understood. Regaining the sense of smell will provide many positive contributions to the person both socially and in terms of quality of life.
Benefits of Rhinoplasty
It has important contributions to cardiovascular health: It has been shown in many scientific studies that being able to breathe well through the nose has important contributions to both the good functioning of our heart and the control of weight balance.

To gain resistance to sinusitis and middle ear disorders: The sinuses open into the nose, and in the middle ear, behind the nasal cavity, that is, to the part where the nose ends. Therefore, the nose is the only external door of these organs. Even a very simple virus infection or pressure changes in nasal congestion can cause processes that extend to chronic infections of the sinuses and middle ear. Therefore, as the nose works comfortably, the sinuses and middle ear will become more resistant to problems.

Decrease in upper respiratory tract infections: This means that we get less flu and cold in winter, and good breathing through the nose will be a very important contribution. The first organ of our natural respiratory tract is the nose, but if it is blocked, we have to breathe frequently through the mouth. Thus, the functions of the nose such as heating, filtering and moisturizing do not work adequately. This is also more common; It can cause upper respiratory tract diseases such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and even many problems in our lower respiratory tract, which can be dangerous by moving towards our lungs. Procedures such as nasal cartilage correction and nasal flesh reduction performed together with rhinoplasty will increase resistance to all our upper and lower respiratory tracts.

A more beautiful voice: Some people have nasal congestion since birth, causing a condition popularly called "nasal speech". Additionally, in cases of nasal congestion, unheated and unhumidified air due to mouth breathing can frequently irritate the vocal cords and cause speech differences. When rhinoplasty is performed, the nasal passage opens and voice problems return to normal, if they are related to this.

Cutting snoring will benefit the whole family: Nasal congestion is the main cause of snoring. Although snoring is generally seen in men, it is an important social problem that increases in frequency in women after the age of 35. The noise of a snorer can sometimes reach levels of up to 80 DB, causing sleeplessness to those around them and also causing hearing loss. It is obvious that correcting snoring after a functional rhinoplasty surgery will be a significant benefit, especially for family members.

Better physical performance: Correct breathing technique requires the ability to take deep breaths through the nose. "This will make significant contributions to the person's physical resistance and sports performance if the correct exercises are performed."

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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