Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases. Doctors specializing in this field are called neurologists. Neurology works in areas such as confusion, sensory changes, headaches, muscle and coordination problems, or head injury. Neurology; Diagnosis and treatment of stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, MS (multiple sclerosis), ALS (amyotropic lateral sclerosis), epilepsy, migraine, tremor, pain, sleep disorders, brain and spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve disease and brain tumors. In the field of neurology, surgeries are performed with high technology and very sensitive machines. Robotic surgery is highly preferred in neurology. Such devices are not very common around the world. It is possible to find these rare and high quality devices in Turkey.

As Fibemed Healthcare, we provide preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning in Turkey according to your needs in the field of Neurology. Among hundreds of hospitals and specialist doctors, we list the most experienced specialist doctors and hospitals for your treatment and present them to you with a price advantage. Thanks to the surgical equipment available in Turkey and few in the world, the success rate in the field of Neurology is very high in Turkey. Apart from your treatment, we also offer dozens of touristic services for you to discover Turkey. In this way, we provide you with the most comfortable and safe treatment and holiday.

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  • Neurology-Dizziness-turkey-fibemed-healthcare


  • Neurology-Dementia-turkey-fibemed-healthcare


  • Neurology-Epilepsy-turkey-fibemed-healthcare


  • Neurology-Motion-Sickness-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Motion Sickness

  • Neurology-Muscle-Diseases-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Muscle Diseases

  • Neurology-Multiple-Sclerosis-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Multiple Sclerosis

  • Neurology-Parkinson's-Disease-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Parkinson's Disease

  • Neurology-Polyneuropathy-turkey-fibemed-healthcare


  • Neurology-Gait-Disorders-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Gait Disorders

  • Neurology-Trap-Neuropathies-Nerve-Compression-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Trap Neuropathies (Nerve Compression)

  • Neurology-Stroke-Brain-And-Vascular-Diseases-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Stroke (Brain And Vascular Diseases)

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