Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

In this blog post, we will talk about the recovery times after plastic surgery, which is on everyone's mind. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet, we have collected this information for you and prepared this blog by taking the opinion of our specialist doctors.Let's get on topic.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time Fibemed Healthcare Turkey

Although it varies depending on the operating conditions after the aesthetic surgery, patients are usually discharged after 1-2 days of hospital care. After plastic surgery, patients may need to wear a special corset depending on the condition of the surgery. This corset, which is worn continuously for 1 month, increases the success of the surgery by helping the abdomen and chest area to reach the desired form. Approximately 3-4 hours after the end of the operation, you can get up and walk with the help of a relative, and the next day you can walk slowly without help. It is normal to have pain for a while due to the procedures and stitches performed during the surgery and the necessary painkillers will be administered by your doctor. You can take a bath 2-3 days after the operation and have the comfort of doing your daily work by yourself. During the first week, you should avoid these movements as much as possible, as movements such as coughing, sneezing, and straining may hurt you due to the fact that the stitches have not fully fused, and if they are severe, they may damage your stitches. If you do not work in a heavy job, you can return to your work life in approximately 7-10 weeks under average conditions, depending on your doctor's recommendations and whether you feel good or not. It takes up to 6 months for the surgical site to heal up to 80%.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time Fibemed Healthcare Turkey

A complete recovery from surgery takes 2 years. This information is valid for general aesthetic surgeries, and patients can return to their daily lives within 3-4 days, although the recovery period is shorter in surgeries aimed at solving milder problems. For this reason, it is natural to feel pain and sensitive in the first months after the surgery. These do not mean that the surgery was done badly. Whether an operation is good or bad can be noticed after at least 6 months.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time Fibemed Healthcare Turkey

In summary, it is not possible to fully recover physically within a few weeks after surgery. For this reason, it cannot be understood whether an operation is good before six months. And swellings and bruises can last up to a year. It is very important to be patient and take good care of the operation areas in aesthetic surgeries.

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