Cataract Surgery in Turkey

Cataract surgery is a common medical procedure in which a cloudy lens within the eye, known as a cataract, is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear vision. This outpatient surgery involves making a small incision in the eye, breaking up the cataract using techniques such as phacoemulsification, and then inserting the new lens. The surgery aims to improve visual clarity, reduce glare, and enhance overall quality of life for individuals affected by cataracts, a condition typically associated with aging or other factors that cause the eye's natural lens to become progressively opaque.

Having Cataract Surgery in Turkey offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to advanced medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology, experienced and internationally trained ophthalmologists, shorter waiting times, the opportunity to combine medical care with tourism experiences, adherence to international quality standards, personalized treatment plans, quick recovery times, and English-speaking staff in major cities. These factors collectively make Turkey an appealing destination for individuals seeking high-quality and affordable Cataract Surgery procedures.

Fibemed Healthcare has the most experienced ophthalmologists in Turkey and offers you eye treatment services at affordable prices. We offer eye treatments with our ophthalmologists and professors according to the demands of our guests. Contact us for all-inclusive packages with the support of Fibemed Healthcare representatives 24/7.


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  • Experienced Ophthalmologists

    Experienced Ophthalmologists

    We offer eye treatments with ophthalmologists and professor ophthalmologists according to the demands of our guests

  • eye surgery in turkey

    No Surprise Results

    Thanks to the pre-operative meetings with the ophthalmologists, the planned and exact surgery is performed without the risk of surprise results.

  • 24/7 Support in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    24/7 Support

    Our 24/7 support team is always with you and at your service during and after the whole process.

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    Professor Surgeons

    As Fibemed Healthcare, we are the only company that only employs Professor Surgeons.

  • Fully Equipped Hospitals in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    Fully Equipped Hospitals

    We perform surgeries only in full-fledged hospitals of the highest quality in Turkey. We never do surgery in small clinics.

  • VIP transfers in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    VIP transfers

    With our VIP minibuses and cars, we perform your transfers in Turkey like a celebrity.

  • 5 Star Hotels in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    5 Star Hotels

    We maximize your comfort before and after surgery with our five-star hotels.

  • One-to-One Service in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    One-to-One Service

    Thanks to our professional guest consultant responsible for the entire process, your every need will be met as soon as possible.

  • Safe Travel

    We offer a reliable travel guarantee, whether with your companions or alone. 60% of our guests consist of women traveling alone.

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