The Role of Agencies in Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey leads the world in health tourism and is a very successful country in health services. For this reason, many people come to Turkey from all over the world to receive good treatment and service.

Many people have some question marks in their minds before coming to Turkey. In this blog post, we will try to clear your doubts.

The Role of Agencies in Health Tourism in Turkey Fibemed

Is Turkey good enough to have the surgery?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Turkey leads the world with its medical education and doctors. Turkish scientists and medical doctors are highly educated and experienced. Uğur ŞAHİN and Özlem TÜRECİ Turkish scientists are the inventors of the BioNTech vaccine, which is the most effective vaccine for Covid-19. Also, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal is the President of the World Organ Transplantation Association (TTS). One of the most famous Turkish doctors is Prof. Dr. Mehmet Öz is a well-known heart surgeon in the USA and the world. These and too many scientists and medical doctors to count are Turkish.

Health facilities in Turkey are very good in terms of facilities. Some microsurgical devices, which are rare even in the world, are available in more than one hospital in Turkey. In terms of hygiene and quality, hospitals in Turkey are above world standards. 31 hospitals in Turkey are active members of the Joint Commission International (JCI), this number is increasing every year.

What do health tourism agencies do in Turkey?

Health tourism agencies in Turkey exist to bring together the quality health institutions and medical doctors, which we described in our previous article, with patients and to guide them. Even a Turk living in Turkey cannot know which hospital and doctor are successful in which disease. It takes years of experience and connections to acquire this knowledge. Agencies such as Fibemed Healthcare interview hundreds of hospitals and doctors to gather this knowledge, analyze and rank all of this information. Thus, when a patient contacts Fibemed Healthcare, Fibemed Healthcare can list which hospitals and doctors are the best for the treatment of that patient. After this listing process, it presents the most suitable hospitals and doctors to the patient according to the patient's wishes.

Agencies such as Fibemed Healthcare provide services to patients not only in the treatment of the patient, but also in transportation, accommodation, touristic trips and more, and they plan everything in advance according to the demands of the patients for their comfort.

The Role of Agencies in Health Tourism in Turkey Fibemed

Are health tourism agencies in Turkey reliable?

This issue is really important. Many people do not know about this. In order to make health tourism in Turkey, an agency must be subject to many rules and examined by the state. After examining whether an agency complies with these rules, it has the title of 'Class A Travel Agency' approved by TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). Both the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey constantly inspect these agencies. As these agencies act as intermediaries for health services, the safety and health of patients coming from abroad are entrusted to them by the state. It is absolutely safe and healthy to work with companies that have a Class A Travel Agency certification, such as Fibemed Healthcare. Institutions holding this certificate are approved by the Turkish Government and are under warranty. In order for incoming patients not to be alone in the face of adverse situations, they should work with Class A Travel Agency certified institutions. Institutions and individuals who do not have this certificate commit a crime and are punished under the 'Travel Agencies and Travel Agencies Association Law No. 1618'.

Can I travel through a person living in Turkey (who may not be a Turkish citizen) instead of an agency to be treated in Turkey?

The answer to the question is clearly that this is a legal crime. Because the person who brought you to Turkey, whether Turkish or foreign, cannot do this if he or she does not have a government-approved Class A Travel Agency certificate. In order to have a Class A Travel Agency certificate, it must first be a company and the necessary permissions from the state must be obtained. TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) conducts continuous inspections on this issue and identifies hundreds of individuals and institutions every year and brings them to justice.

Receiving health services through an independent person living in Turkey poses a risk to your safety. Because that person is not officially responsible for you and cannot make a written agreement with you. In a negative event, he may leave you and run away. However, institutions such as Fibemed Healthcare, which has a Class A Travel Agency certificate, are responsible for you from your arrival in Turkey until you return to your country, and they have to take care of you closely. The State of Turkey constantly examines this situation, receives information from the agency about the patient's condition and conducts inspections.

The Role of Agencies in Health Tourism in Turkey Fibemed

In summary, it is important for your own health to work with authorized institutions for all treatments, large and small, in Turkey. In order to guarantee you and your health, the Turkish Government has given a Class A Travel Agency certificate to some private institutions as a result of strict inspections. Before you come to Turkey, first ask the people and institutions you contacted whether they have Class A Travel Agency certificates. Stay safe by working with safe institutions.

Happy and healthy days…


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