What are Doctor Ranks?

Doctor ranks are determined according to their specialization. Each area of ​​expertise has different tasks. For example, the primary duty of operating doctors is to perform surgery. The first of the title levels is general practitioner. In order to become a general practitioner, it is necessary to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine for 7 years and then pass the TUS (MEDICAL SPECIALIZATION EXAM) exam. What are doctor ranks and duties? Here are all the details.


There are 6 doctor levels in total. As the rank increases, the job description changes. However, the salary of each rank is different.
In doctor ranks, the lowest level is general practitioner, and the highest rank is ordinary.
Doctor Ranks Ranking:
1- General Practitioner
2- Specialist Doctor
3- Operator Doctor
4- Associate Professor Doctor
5- Professor Doctor
6- Ordinaryus Doctor


Doctor Ranks and Duties

1- (Dr.) General Practitioner:
The general practitioner's duties include examining patients, writing prescriptions and reports. Working areas are health centers, private hospitals and institutional medicine.

2- (Uzm. Dr.) Specialist Doctor
The specialist doctor listens to the patient's story and requests a test when he deems it necessary as a result of the examination. As a result of the test, the patient begins to apply the most appropriate treatment.

3- (Op. Dr.) Operator Doctor
Operator doctors are doctors who are authorized to operate. These doctors can decide on the surgery themselves or operate the patient according to the request from the specialist doctor.

4- (Doc. Dr.) Associate Professor Doctor:
It conducts academic studies and conducts research in the field of medicine. He follows the scientific articles published in Turkey and around the world and deals with the administrative affairs of the university. They also have the authority to operate on patients.

5- (Prof. Dr.) Professor Doctor:
It organizes field studies according to its area of ​​expertise and conducts collective studies with students. Professors are doctors who train doctors. Professor Doctor is the ultimate for most doctors. They are academically successful and very experienced doctors. The rectors of the hospitals are chosen from these doctors. Professor Doctors also continue to perform surgeries and take care of patients. Professor Doctors do not have to be academics. After leaving university, they can open their own practice or work in a hospital.

6- (Ord. Prof. Dr.) Ordinaryus Doctor:
A minimum of 5 years of professorship and new scientific studies are required to become an Ordinary. For example: Finding a new vaccine or treatment method. These doctors are numerous and valuable in history. The last Ordinaryus doctor in Turkey, 'Ord. prof. Dr. Reşat Kaynar' passed away in 2006. He was an ordinaryus of law.


Briefly, the doctor's ranks are as follows. If you have any questions, you can write to us or add a comment below.

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