Dermatology, defined as the science of skin, is a branch of medicine that deals with skin diseases and their treatment. Doctors who specialize in this field are called 'dermatologists'. Fungal diseases, psoriasis (psoriasis), acne, pubertal acne, eczema, syphilis, venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, treatment of all sexually transmitted skin diseases, skin cancers (diagnosis and treatment of melanoma), birthmarks, hair loss, drug allergies, urticaria treatment and investigation of its causes, sun allergy and treatment, treatment of oral diseases, treatment of Behçet's disease, aphthae, tongue fungus and other diseases, genetically transmitted skin diseases, warts, moles and molluscum, fungal diseases of the nails, nail thickening, Ingrown toenails and other nail diseases, oily skin, dandruff are included in the field of dermatology.

As Fibemed Healthcare, we provide a preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning in Turkey according to your needs in the field of dermatology. Among hundreds of hospitals and specialist doctors, we list the most experienced specialist doctors and hospitals for your treatment and present them to you with a price advantage. Apart from your treatment, we also offer dozens of touristic services for you to discover Turkey. In this way, we provide you with the most comfortable and safe treatment and holiday.

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