Management of processes other than treatment in Turkey

Getting medical treatment in Turkey has been very popular and safe for many years. Many people prefer Turkey for treatment. The biggest reasons for this are, first of all, the trust in Turkish doctors, and secondly, the affordable treatment fees in Turkey.
However, tourists who make an appointment with the hospital or doctor in Turkey are worried about air tickets, accommodation and how to make their transfers within Turkey. We will cover this topic in this blog post.

Management of processes other than treatment in Turkey

I made an appointment for treatment in Turkey, but how do I do other procedures?
This is the question mark in the minds of many tourists. As a result of intensive research, the patient, who agrees with the doctor or clinic, can leave him/her alone regarding flight tickets, accommodation and transfers within Turkey. Full-service institutions such as Fibemed Healthcare plan flight tickets, accommodation and transfers within Turkey, as well as doctor's appointments for the patient. However, many clinics and hospitals cannot deal with touristic services due to workload.

When the patient tries to plan his own flight ticket, accommodation and transfers within Turkey, he/she spends too much time and faces high wages. In addition, a person who comes to Turkey for the first time cannot control the operation here.

So, what should a patient who has an appointment in Turkey do in the face of these situations? The answer to this is to work with reliable agencies accredited by the Turkish Government, such as Fibemed Healthcare. Even if you do not have an agreement with a doctor or hospital through Fibemed Healthcare, you can get consultancy from Fibemed Healthcare for flight tickets, accommodation and transfers within Turkey.

Management of processes other than treatment in Turkey

Can agencies like Fibemed Healthcare always support me in Turkey?
It is not possible for every agency to fully support you, so it is important to choose a good agency. Fibemed Healthcare treats its patients who have contracted with them like a member of their family. Fibemed Healthcare works to protect all the rights of the patient inside and outside the hospital. Before the patient comes to Turkey, he inspects the hospital room and makes sure that the patient will stay in a sterile place. Likewise, it plans the flight tickets, accommodation and transfers within Turkey in detail. Fibemed Healthcare conducts a careful inspection all the way to the patient's hotel room and makes sure everything is in order.

Fibemed Healthcare, which also prepares the patient's flight ticket, begins to serve the patient from the moment he/she arrives in Turkey. Fibemed Healthcare customer representatives, who meet the patient at the airport, take the patient from the airport and provide transportation to the hotel and hospital. Fibemed Healthcare provides all transportation of the patient between the hotel-hospital-airport. Optionally, standard transfer or ultra-luxury VIP transfer is provided by Fibemed Healthcare.

Management of processes other than treatment in Turkey

What should I do when an extra treatment requirement arises at the hospital?
In case of such a need, Fibemed Healthcare is at your service again. Since Fibemed Healthcare is a government-approved agency, hospitals provide Fibemed Healthcare with more affordable prices than they give to a normal person. Fibemed Healthcare talks to the doctors for you and even tries to protect your budget by negotiating the price. Especially for patients traveling alone, having someone they can trust with them in such situations gives the patient peace of mind.

Management of processes other than treatment in Turkey

What should I do when I want to take a holiday in Turkey on days other than treatment?
Hospitals and clinics cannot respond to this request. Fibemed Healthcare, on the other hand, can plan the days other than your treatment according to your request and prepare a holiday package. In this way, you can both get treatment and experience an unforgettable holiday in Turkey.

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