Chemosaturation Treatment in Turkey

Chemosaturation, also known as chemosaturation therapy or percutaneous hepatic perfusion, is a medical procedure used to treat advanced liver tumors that are not amenable to surgery or other conventional treatments. It's a targeted approach that aims to deliver high doses of chemotherapy directly to the liver while minimizing systemic exposure and side effects.

The procedure involves the following steps:

Isolation of Blood Supply: A catheter is inserted into the artery that supplies blood to the liver. This catheter is then connected to a device that isolates the blood supply of the liver from the rest of the body.

Chemotherapy Infusion: Once the blood supply is isolated, a high dose of chemotherapy drugs, often in combination, is infused directly into the liver through the catheter. Because the drugs are delivered directly to the liver, they can be given at higher concentrations than would be possible with systemic administration.

Filtration and Detoxification: After the chemotherapy infusion, the blood that has passed through the liver is collected and filtered to remove the chemotherapy drugs and toxins. The filtered blood is then returned to the body.

Localized Effect: By delivering chemotherapy drugs directly to the liver, chemosaturation aims to target the tumors more effectively while reducing the systemic side effects that are often associated with systemic chemotherapy. This is because the drugs primarily affect the liver tissue where they are needed, rather than circulating throughout the entire body.

Chemosaturation is typically considered for patients with advanced liver metastases (secondary tumors originating from other parts of the body) or primary liver tumors (such as hepatocellular carcinoma) that are not suitable for surgical removal or have not responded well to other treatments.

It's important to note that while chemosaturation can offer benefits in terms of targeted treatment and reduced systemic side effects, it's not without risks. The procedure is relatively complex and requires careful patient selection and management. The effectiveness of chemosaturation may vary depending on the specific case and the type of liver tumors being treated.

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