Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery offers mothers the opportunity to address body changes experienced during pregnancy and birth, allowing them to regain their natural beauty and self-confidence.

Procedures such as breast aesthetics (lift, enlargement, or reduction), tummy tuck, liposuction, vaginal plastic surgery, and facial rejuvenation are tailored to meet the individual needs of mothers, correcting issues like breast sagging, abdominal muscle loosening, excess fat deposits, vaginal tissue changes, and facial skin aging. This effective option helps mothers achieve the desired look and embrace their new motherhood journey with positivity.

Turkey stands out for its advanced healthcare facilities, experienced medical professionals and cost effectiveness compared to other preferred global locations. In addition, the availability of healthcare personnel, including nurses and caregivers who speak foreign languages, provides an additional incentive for individuals considering surgery to choose Turkey.

Fibemed Healthcare offers you Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery in Turkey with the most experienced doctors and at affordable prices. Plastic surgeons whose titles are 'Professor (Prof. Dr.)', perform operations. And operations are performed in full-fledged, luxury and sterile hospitals. We offer all-inclusive packages with the support of 24/7 Fibemed Healthcare representatives.


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  • Experienced plastic Surgeon

    Experienced Plastic Surgeons

    Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgeries are performed by the most experienced and trained 'professor' surgeons.

  • No Surprise Results

    No Surprise Results

    Thanks to the pre-operative meetings with the doctor, the planned and exact surgery is performed without the risk of surprise results.

  • 24/7 Support in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    24/7 Support

    Our 24/7 support team is always with you and at your service during and after the whole process.

  • Professor Surgeons in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    Professor Surgeons

    As Fibemed Healthcare, we are the only company that only employs Professor Surgeons.

  • Fully Equipped Hospitals in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    Fully Equipped Hospitals

    We perform surgeries only in full-fledged hospitals of the highest quality in Turkey. We never do surgery in small clinics.

  • VIP transfers in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    VIP transfers

    With our VIP minibuses and cars, we perform your transfers in Turkey like a celebrity.

  • 5 Star Hotels in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    5 Star Hotels

    We maximize your comfort before and after surgery with our five-star hotels.

  • One-to-One Service in Turkey Fibemed Healthcare

    One-to-One Service

    Thanks to our professional guest consultant responsible for the entire process, your every need will be met as soon as possible.

  • Safe Travel

    We offer a reliable travel guarantee, whether with your companions or alone. 60% of our guests consist of women traveling alone.

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