Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery, which is a subsidiary of Plastic Surgery, is also called Cosmetic Surgery. While Plastic Surgery is defined as the process of restoring the functions of body parts that have lost their functions, Aesthetic Surgery focuses on cosmetically healthy limbs or tissues and it aims to bring the areas where people are not satisfied with their appearance in the way they have requested to the forms they want. Since these operations are performed on healthy tissues and limbs, there should be no margin of error in the results. Therefore, in order not to experience any problems or to minimize the margin of error, full-fledged hospitals and clinics in accordance with international standards should be selected. Please note that these operations should be performed by surgeons who are Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialists.

As Fibemed Healthcare, we work with aesthetic specialist doctors and professors who are most suitable for your needs. Remember that even a small operation like botox should be performed in a sterile environment and by specialist doctors. Although they are not doctors, people who perform such aesthetic interventions can cause great harm to your health. Special attention should be paid to working with specialist doctors and health institutions.

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    Mommy Makeover

    Maternity aesthetics is a type of surgery that includes more than one treatment, aiming to restore the changes that have occurred in the mother's body during pregnancy and postpartum period before pregnancy. Maternity aesthetics generally covers breast implant, breast lift, tummy tuck and 360 liposuction surgeries. In this way, women get an aesthetic and beautiful body image while getting rid of sagging skin.

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    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

    The Brazilian butt lift BBL is a popular aesthetic procedure that involves fat transfer to help create greater fullness in the hip area. The Brazilian butt lift is a special fat transfer procedure that increases the size and shape of the hips without a hip replacement (silicone). With liposuction, excess fat is removed from the hip, abdomen, waist or thigh areas, and then some of this fat is injected into the hip. With Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery or Brazilian hip aesthetic surgery, we can improve the proportions of the entire lower body, remove fat from the "problematic areas" of the patient and make the hip more prominent, while providing proportional integrity in disproportionate and excess areas.

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    Fat Removal Operations (Liposuction)

    Fat injection is also called fat transfer. In these operations, excess fat taken from the abdomen with a syringe is transferred to other parts of the body for aesthetic purposes. This type of treatment is used in lip augmentation, wrinkle removal, hip augmentation, leg aesthetics and many more. The biggest problem experienced in fat injection is that the transferred fat melts after a few months and the body returns to its original state. In order not to experience this negativity, internationally accredited health institutions using new and high-tech equipment should be preferred. Fat injection surgeries performed with good equipment ensure that the fat tissue is in the transferred body area for a long time.

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    Nose Aesthetic Operations (Rhinoplasty)

    One of the biggest determining organs of facial aesthetics is the nose. The nose, which is the most important sensory organ of facial aesthetics, can have very different shapes according to genetic factors, and this can negatively affect facial aesthetics and cause problems. Rhinoplasty is the name of the nose operation performed to make rhinoplasty more suitable for our face shape. Rhinoplasty is performed with two different techniques, open and closed. Rhinoplasty method is determined by the doctor according to the genetic nose structure of the person. This operation is performed by applying general or local anesthesia depending on the condition of the person. A condition called Concha Hypertrophy, which makes it difficult to breathe and causes nasal congestion, is treated with Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty operations usually take 1-3 hours. It may take a few months for the patient to fully recover, and after Rhinoplasty, the patient will have the desired facial aesthetics.

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    Breast Aesthetic Operations - Breast Lift

    There are multiple methods for breast aesthetic operations. Breast lift operation is also called 'mastopexy'. Unfortunately, there is no solution without surgical intervention in breast aesthetics, sagging breasts cannot be tightened or lifted even if sports are done. Anatomically, the chest muscle is not related to breast sagging. The sagging breast is lifted with a surgical operation. Likewise, the breast reduction operation is similar to the breast sagging operation, in both operations the excess from the breast is surgically removed. In addition, breast augmentation operations are also applied surgically. In these operations; Breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Breast augmentation is applied not only for aesthetic purposes but also as a result of breast cancer operations. This operation is also performed if one breast is of a different size compared to the other breast.

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    Gynecomastia is a disorder seen in men and defined as excessive breast development. According to some research results, gynecomastia is seen in one out of every three men. Although gynecomastia does not cause any health problems, it can disturb men in terms of aesthetics. Gynecomastia is not a self-healing problem, therefore surgical intervention is required. There are several types of gynecomastia. Hard breast tissue is seen in 'glandular' type gynecomastia. In mixed type gynecomastia, excess glandular tissue and adipose tissue are seen. Fatty type gynecomastia is dominated by adipose tissue. All of these gynecomastia types can be treated with surgical intervention. Depending on the person's condition, the doctor performs liposuction and/or skin stretching. After the treatment, the patient should wear a gynecomastia corset for about 6 weeks.

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    Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

    Also known as tummy tuck operation, 'abdominoplasty' aims to correct sagging skin in the abdomen. Excess skin in the abdominal region, which is frequently seen in post-pregnancy women and does not improve, can be treated with this operation. In addition, sagging skin in the abdomen is seen in people who were previously overweight and then weakened. All of these problems can be treated with surgical interventions. The sagging and cracked skin in the part up to the belly button area is removed over a line to be drawn sideways from the area called the cesarean section mark level, and the skin in the upper part of the belly button is stretched downwards. The belly button is also reconstructed in order to bring it into the appropriate position. In addition to sagging and looseness, if there is an excessive lubrication problem, excess fat in the abdomen is removed by a method called liposuction. Thanks to the sutures placed on the membranes of the abdominal wall, the loosened abdominal muscles are tightened and regained their former hardness.

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    Fat Injections

    Fat injection is also called fat transfer. In these operations, excess fat taken from the abdomen with a syringe is transferred to other parts of the body for aesthetic purposes. This type of treatment is used in lip augmentation, wrinkle removal, hip augmentation, leg aesthetics and many more. The biggest problem experienced in fat injection is that the transferred fat melts after a few months and the body returns to its original state. In order not to experience this negativity, internationally accredited health institutions using new and high-tech equipment should be preferred. Fat injection surgeries performed with good equipment ensure that the fat tissue is in the transferred body area for a long time.

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    Brow Lift Operations

    The drooping of the eyebrows or the drooping and lowering of the eyebrows causes the person to look very old and tired. You can look younger and more energetic with eyebrow lifting operations. The general stance and arrangement of the eyebrows on the face and the wrinkles around the eyebrows are removed by eyebrow lifting operations. In general, it can be applied together with eyebrow lifting operations, face lift and eyelid operations. The common purpose of all these treatments is to bring a youthful and aesthetic appearance to facial aesthetics.

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    Eyelid Operations (Blepharoplasty)

    We understand how important the eyelids are in terms of facial aesthetics when combined with the gaze. For this reason, problems such as age-related swelling, wrinkles and sagging of the eyelids cause an undesirable appearance in facial aesthetics. Problems such as sagging and wrinkles, which are usually seen in the upper eyelid due to the age factor, appear as under-eye bags and intense wrinkles on the lower eyelid. Elimination of these aesthetic problems seen in the upper and lower eyelids is possible with Blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery.

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    Face Lift Operations

    Face lift operations are generally among the types of surgery performed with aesthetic concern. It is aimed to re-tighten the sagging facial skin due to age. Some face lift operations are performed without surgical intervention, the most preferred ones are botox, aesthetic filling and laser operations. Although these techniques give results, the duration of effectiveness is between 6-12 months. Although these techniques seem simple, performing them in sterile environments and by specialist doctors will increase the success rate. Although they are not doctors, people who do this intervention may pose a risk to your health. In face lift operations performed with surgical intervention, the sagging skin of the patient is shaped in three dimensions in accordance with the facial structure. While doing this, the doctor aims to capture the natural image by looking at the youth photos of the patient. The permanence period of the face lift operation performed with surgical intervention is said to be an average of 10 years. After the surgical intervention, micro-thin suture scars are formed. However, specialist doctors combine facial wrinkles with these stitches and make them invisible.

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    Ear Aesthetic Operations

    Ear aesthetic surgery, also known as prominent ear surgery, is also known as otoplasty treatment. Ear aesthetic surgery is performed to correct congenital or subsequent deformities in the ear. It is done by taking the piece of skin determined behind the ear and sewing it again by giving a natural fold. Congenital deficiencies in the structure of the ear are called Microtia. The cartilage taken from the rib is buried under the tempra area in the patient's ear. Then, with a second surgery, the earlobe is brought to its normal position. The recommended age for this operation to be successful and for the child's development is 5 years.

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    Jaw and Cheekbone Operations

    Chin and cheekbone operations are generally preferred by people who want to have more beautiful facial features. It is possible to widen the narrow jaw structure or enlarge the small cheekbones with plastic surgery. In these operations, the doctor chooses one of the many types of prosthesis according to the patient's needs and applies it to the patient. Fat transfer is not preferred in these operations because the adipose tissue cannot give the bone feeling and hardness. For this reason, the chin and cheekbone filling made with fat transfer makes little difference compared to the prosthesis. In these operations, it is very important for the doctor to make the most suitable prosthesis for the patient's face. Otherwise, while a face with sharp lines is desired, a more rounded face can be obtained.

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    Leg Aesthetic Operations

    Leg aesthetic operations are performed to treat deformities in the legs. These disorders usually occur in the legs with curvature of bones or irregular fat deposits. Children with vitamin D deficiency in childhood may have disorders caused by bone curvature. For the treatment of such patients, equalization of the image is provided with fat transfer or prosthesis. In leg thinning operations, the desired image is obtained by removing fat from the leg with Liposuction. In the treatment of the case of the leg being too thin, the excess fat of the body is removed and the legs are reinforced by fat transfer. If there is not enough fat in the body, this supplement can be made with a prosthesis.

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    Lengthening Surgery

    In people whose growth tissues and plaques are no longer active, operations performed to lengthen the bones for both treatment and aesthetic reasons are called lengthening surgery. The lengthening process continues by cutting the bones and separating the prepared bones by approximately 1-1.5 mm every day. Bone tissues begin to form in the new cavities that occur, and bone elongation takes place. The process of creating new bone by creating spaces between bones is called 'distraction osteogenesis'.

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    Hand Aesthetic Surgery

    With the effect of external factors and especially aging, wear and tear occur in our hands as well as in our entire body. Problems such as clarification of the veins on the hands, thinning of the skin, wrinkles, and staining on the hands begin to appear. Hands are one of the most important organs of our body and besides this, hands are symbols of youth and beauty. For this reason, aesthetic problems in the hands cause negative consequences such as hesitance in society, feeling old and unhappy. Hand aesthetics is known as indispensable for people who do not want to look old and care about hand care, and it is also known as hand rejuvenation operations. There are multiple methods including Sclerotherapy, Microdermasion, Chemical peel, CO2 or Erbium Laser and Tissue Treatment. In line with the wishes of the person who needs treatment, the method and form of treatment is decided by the specialist doctor.

  • Breast Reduction in turkey fibemed healthcare

    Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction is a form of breast surgery and breast aesthetics performed on the breast. Unlike breast augmentation, it aims to reduce the volume of the areola and mammary glands by resecting the glandular fatty tissues and excess skin. In practice, surgical techniques and praxis mastopexy are also applied.

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