Although I am not a Turkish citizen, can I get treatment in Turkey?

The healthcare system in Turkey also provides the opportunity to treat foreign patients. For foreign patients, Turkey has updated its health infrastructure and is monitoring the entire process of incoming foreign patients with electronically environment.

Is Turkey successful in health tourism?

According to the data of the Health Tourism Council, Turkey is among the top five countries leading the way in health tourism. The quality of medical education in Turkey lays the foundation for the success of graduating specialist doctors at world standards. Health facilities are also adapted themselves with medical technologies in the world at a noticeable pace. From the smallest surgery to robotic surgeries, all advanced medical technologies available all over the world are also available in Turkey.

Do I need an intermediary institution to be treated in Turkey? 

Medical institutions, doctors and medical tourism agencies such as us, which provide services to foreign patients, are subject to extra strict discipline by the state. Since bringing patients from abroad is a serious business, it is forbidden for institutions and persons without TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) certificate to bring and guide patients from abroad and it constitutes a crime. TÜRSAB ensures that foreign patients receive a high standard of service by constantly inspecting certified institutions and guarantees the safety of foreign patients.

Are the medical facilities and doctors in Turkey reliable?

There are many authorized hospital facilities and specialized doctors with international accreditation in Turkey. As Fibemed Healthcare, we have agreements with authorized hospital facilities and specialized doctors with high degrees in their profession. As Fibemed Healthcare, we explain to you the adequacy of the facility and the doctors before making a decision. We provide the best facility and doctors at your service according to your needs.

What will be the quality of the hotel I will stay in Turkey?

As Fibemed Healthcare, we have agreements with numberous hotels. According to your budget and demand, our hotels will be at your service according to every demand, from low price to luxury level. Affordable hotels also absolutely do not compromise on quality. Even the most affordable hotel we work with is at a level that will meet most of your needs and is of a quality that will ensure your comfort and safety.

How will my transportation be in Turkey? Can I rent a car?

All transportation between airport-hotel-hospital in Turkey will be provided by Fibemed Healthcare in company with VIP vehicles and our representative. In addition to getting VIP vehicle and guidance services for your touristic trips upon request, you can also benefit from the advantageous car rental service through Fibemed Healthcare if you meet the conditions.

Will a translator or companion accompany me in Turkey?

We can provide an interpreter and companion upon your request. When you arrive in Turkey, a Fibemed Healthcare staff who speaks your language will meet you at the airport and will provide you with assistance during the entire treatment process between 09:00 and 18:00.

Who will make my hospital appointment in Turkey?

Fibemed Healthcare will plan your treatment process in Turkey with you and all your hospital appointments will be made by our team and you will be informed.

Will my doctor in my own country be informed after my medical intervention in Turkey?

Upon your request, a detailed health report for your medical treatment will be prepared by our health team and sent to your doctor.

Will I be allowed to stay until my doctor's checkup after my medical operation in Turkey?

After your first treatment, our team will help you and the people who come with you with accommodation until your post-treatment check-up date.

Can I have a companion of my own choosing with me at the hospital where I had surgery in Turkey?

If a companion is accepted according to the hospital rules and the condition of the surgery, a person you designate will be able to stay with you as a companion. If you want a professional companion, we provide this service to you as Fibemed Healthcare.

Does my health insurance in my country cover the treatment in Turkey?

Health insurances differ depending on your agreement with the insurance company. If your health insurance covers treatments in Turkey, you can use your own insurance.

While in Turkey, can I visit other cities apart from the city where I had surgery?

According to your request, you can travel to other cities during your stay in Turkey. The Fibemed Healthcare team can plan these trips for you. You can make your travel, accommodation and transfer transactions with the assurance of Fibemed Healthcare. 

Is Turkey beautiful in terms of tourism?

Turkey is a paradise in terms of tourism, thanks to its four-season climate, it hosts snow sports in winter, sea holidays in summer and many other holiday styles. In addition, you can witness the works of all civilizations from the first age on the territory of Anatolia, where the civilization of mankind began.

Will my post-operative health status in Turkey be followed up by my doctor in Turkey?

Depending on the condition of the surgery, your post-operative follow-up will continue with your doctor and you through Fibemed Healthcare.

Is there a terrorist threat in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world, which has not been a terrorist threat for many years. This is why millions of tourists visit Turkey every year.


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