By informing you in the most detailed way about your treatment process, we convey the evaluations and reports made by our internationally recognized specialist physicians to you and share the most accurate treatment method with you. One of the processes that patients need most during the disease process is the medical counseling process. Different recommendations and treatment methods may be suggested by different physicians. However, the important thing here is to determine the most effective treatment in the shortest way and focus on the operation with zero imperfection. As the Fibemed family, we are with you throughout the entire treatment process, keeping you informed and following up on your behalf by organizing and managing the entire process.

We offer the most comfortable hotels for you and all those accompanying you, for a long or short term, within the scope of your needs, accompanied by the splendid beauties of Turkey. With the packages we offer here, you can choose our
hotels with the quality and comfort you want according to your budget. As the Fibemed family, we are fully responsible for all your processes during your stay in the Republic of Turkey and you will be entrusted to us. The Ministry of Health
of the Republic of Turkey has authorized us to provide you with the best service and has made our institution authorized at an international level.

In order to make you feel at home throughout your treatment process, professional translator team of one or more Fibemed family who can speak your own language will always be with you. Professional translator staff of the Fibemed
family will be at your service in all processes such as treatment, accommodation and transfer. As the Fibemed family, we offer simultaneous translation services in all processes that you receive support from us.

From the moment you arrive in Turkey, our professional, modern and stylish transfer team within Fibemed will welcome you at the airport even before you arrive Turkey, so that you can experience the comfort of your own home and not feel alienated. Our professional transfer team, who will accompany you in all processes such as pre-treatment, post-treatment, airport, hospital and hotel, will be at your service 24/7.

There will be special city tours and holiday packages that we will offer you to see all the historical and natural beauties of Turkey before or during your recovery period after your treatment. We serve you in the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation facilities within the packages you have chosen. With the quality and difference of Fibemed, you will enjoy the pleasure of vacationing in the world's most popular centers during the recovery period. As the Fibemed family, we are proud and honored to make you experience this feeling.

From the moment you decide to be treated in Turkey with Fibemed Healthcare, we reserve all your flights, including the dates of starting the treatment process and the dates you decide to return to your country, through Turkish Airlines, the world-renowned airline company. In other words, as the Fibemed family, we also provide ticket processing services on your behalf.

We ensure that our patients and guests who decide to be treated in Turkey can quickly solve all their visa and passport transactions, by using all our powers to speed up the procedures of our patients and save time.

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