Orthopedics is a specialty that works on musculoskeletal diseases and has many sub-branches. Areas such as arms, legs, pelvis, spine, and bone, muscle, vessel, nerve, spinal cord connection tissues are of interest to the Orthopedics Department. It works in coordination with the treatment process in the field of Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. In addition, prosthesis is made and applied by Orthopedics units when needed.

As Fibemed Healthcare, we provide preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning in Turkey according to your needs in the field of orthopedics. Among hundreds of hospitals and specialist doctors, we list the most experienced specialist doctors and hospitals for your treatment and present them to you with a price advantage. Apart from your treatment, we also offer dozens of touristic services for you to discover Turkey. In this way, we provide you with the most comfortable and safe treatment and holiday.

  • Arthroplasty-Joint-Prosthesis-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Arthroplasty Surgery (Joint Prosthesis)

  • Sports-Traumatology-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Sports Traumatology

  • Length-Extension-and-Leg-Inequalities-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Length Extension and Leg Inequalities

  • Pediatric-Orthopedics-and-Traumatology-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology

  • Hand-Surgery-and-Microsurgery-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

  • Knee-Surgery-and-Arthroscopic-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Knee Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Shoulder-and-Elbow-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

  • Orthopedic-Oncology-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Orthopedic Oncology

  • Foot-and-Ankle-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • Bone-Inflammation-Osteomyelitis-Treatment-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Bone Inflammation (Osteomyelitis) Treatment

  • Hip-Ultrasonography-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Hip Ultrasonography

  • Deformity-Surgery-turkey-fibemed-healthcare

    Deformity Surgery

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